1. Because we all like to know what it's going to cost first! Sell your home through a Buzzhomes agent, and it won't cost you a penny more than 0.75% of the sales price!
  2. Your local Buzzhomes agent will have extensive local knowledge of current and historic property prices in your respective area as well as upto date market analysis of a realistic achievable price for what your property is actually worth.
  3. Our success is based on matching sellers with buyers! We achieve this in a very proactive way... We're not interested in primative agency practice,... We're interested in constant communication and putting the deal together... Successfully!
  4. Your local Buzzhomes agent has the benefit of being able to offer all of your prospective purchases access to our comprehensive suite of financial and legal services.
  1. We don't buy into wasting anyones time,... we will always aim to comprehensively qualify the position of all prospective purchasers of your home and give you our honest opinion of their proceedability prior to arranging any veiwings.
  2. We acknowledge present market conditions... But refuse to be anything other than absolutely resolute & positive in our approach and attitude.
  3. Why not take our test & compare the cost.
  4. No sale...No fee?...No problem!
  5. Why not give your local Buzzhomes agent a call?... No doubt, you'll be exceptionally glad you did...